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Hamburg address books

This is the name for the digital versions of all address books and older telephone directories of Hamburg. They are being collected gradually and provide information about addresses

  • within the area of present-day Hamburg (irrespective of when the area became part of Hamburg; for all years)
  • in areas that once belonged to Hamburg but are now part of other states (for the period during which they belonged to Hamburg)

So here you can find

  • the "Hamburgisches Adressbuch", later called "Hamburger Adressbuch", which, with a few exceptions, was published annually from 1787 to 1966, as well as its predecessors in the 17/18th centuries: "Hamburgum literatum" from 1698 and 1701 and "Jetzt belebte Hamburg" from 1712 onwards.
  • the "Altonaisches Adressbuch", later called "Altonaer Adressbuch", which from 1802 until the merging of Altona with Hamburg in 1938 was published both separately and as part of the Hamburger Addressbuch;
  • address books for Bergedorf and Vierlande, Harburg-Wilhelmsburg, Wandsbek, Rahlstedt, Blankenese and the Elbe suburbs that were merged with Hamburg at various points in time;
  • address books for Cuxhaven and Geesthacht up to 1938, when the two towns were separated from Hamburg by the Greater Hamburg Act.

All volumes of the Hamburger Adressbuch published from 1787-1966 are available, along with the Altonaer Adressbuch from 1802-1938 and some volumes of the Bergedorfer Adressbuch, the predecessors from the 18th century, as well as all other Hamburg-relevant address books and telephone directories from 1926 onwards.
The sources for the digitalised adress books are, primarily, the holdings of the Hamburg State and University Library Carl von Ossietzky and the Hamburg State Archive as well as volumes from 15 other German libraries and archives.

You have three different search methods at your disposal:

  • List of all volumes, sorted according to year of publication: You select a year and gain access to all address books published in that year. You can open individual volumes with the help of contents lists.
  • Search in alphabetical sections: Search form for a targeted multi-dimensional search. By means of a search term, you can research address books in certain years of publication or in several years of publication. You can limit your search to parts of the address book (e.g. streets) or to a part of Hamburg (e.g. Altona).
  • Access to other parts: You can select specific categories within the address books – “Authorities and other bodies, official information”, “Traffic and communication” and “Advertising” – either for a single year or several years.

You can print individual pages by using the PDF-Button in the navigation bar, after accepting the terms of use.